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Trial Balloon Goes Up

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So far I’ve had very little interest in the 2008 political contest. While it is true that many are already gearing up for it, especially the Diehard Left, we’ve only just come out of a bruising election with the winner not even inuagurated for his second term. I’m inclined to give it a rest for a time.

Not so one John Nichols who is clearly a card-carrying member of the Diehard Left. This is his tagline:

Every day in every city and town across America, progressives get up in the morning and go about the work of fighting racism and homophobia, defending the environment, organizing trade unions and tackling corporate hegemony. Sometimes they win–on the picket line, at the ballot box, in the streets and outside the WTO meetings in Seattle.

There’s more, but you get the idea. Mr. Nichols is one of the children of light, a member of the forces for goodness, truth, and the ACLU way. People like yours truly are bad. Very bad. So I was curious who Mr. Nichols was touting in 2008, but I must say I chuckled as I read it.

Russ Feingold.

Yep, the junior senator from Wisconsin and the other half of the most wretched piece of crap to come out of Washington in a dog’s age: McCain-Feingold Campaign Finance Reform. At a gathering of 100 so-called “rural Democrats” the senator’s name is uttered:

These rural Democrats even had a suggestion for the who should lead that opposition. And it wasn’t Hillary Clinton or John Edwards. When I was describing what a serious opposition party would stand for at this moment in history–starting with an absolute rejection of the war in Iraq and empire building and going on to a passionate defense of civil liberties and a willingness to stand up to multinational corporations–a bearded fellow in the crowd shouted, “We’ve got someone who can do it–the only senator who voted against the Patriot Act: Russ Feingold.”

He goes on to mention this crowd of 100 cheered. And apparently it’s spreading:

Hotline, the online bible of inside-the-beltway political junkies, just featured a commentary in which the editors suggested that Wisconsin’s junior senator — who has been outspoken in his criticism not just of the Patriot Act but of the war in Iraq and the corporate free-trade agenda — could be a serious contender for the Democratic presidential nomination. Noting that, against serious opposition, Feingold ran more than 140,000 votes ahead of Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry in Wisconsin, a source told Hotline, “He just accomplished an impressive victory in a heartland swing state in a year that wasn’t so kind to (Democrats).” The source went on to suggest that Feingold “will be looked at as a new voice for the party as it moves forward.”

Well, it was considered a swing state in 2004, but not much before. Still, they may be onto something. I don’t know much about Russ Feingold apart from his high-profile votes in the senate which are predictably liberal, and his association with McCain-Feingold which caused such a colossal mess this last election. I do know this, John Kerry voted for the Patriot Act, and running a guy in four years who conceivably could be to his left doesn’t strike me as a winning strategy out of the gate. But then, I don’t write for the Nation either.

On the other hand, there is a lot of talk about McCain running, and it just might be interesting to see Senator McCain and Senator Feingold have to face off under the auspices of their own mistake. Heh.


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December 16, 2004 at 1:00 pm

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