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Eject the UN

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To many on the left, the UN is a beacon, a sacrosanct institution which embodies their hopes and dreams for a world government founded on the principles they hold most dear: government by the enlightened elites.

For those of us on the right, the UN is a disaster, a dictator’s club for anti-semites and anti-Americans. Its claim to any moral standing eroded decades ago and its activities worthy only of derision. Of late, the UN has become embroiled in the oil-for-food scandal which enabled Saddam to remain in power while still deriving oil revenues, provided economic incentives for countries such as France and Russia to oppose Saddam’s ouster, and lined the pockets of petty bureaucrats the world over including Kofi Annan’s son. Frankly, it’s hard to keep a straight face when someone mentions involving the UN in the crisis de jour. Where, for example, is the UN in the Ukraine election fraud?

Meanwhile, Senator Norm Coleman is calling for Kofi Annan to resign:

It’s time for U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan to resign. Over the past seven months, the Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations, which I chair, has conducted an exhaustive, bipartisan investigation into the scandal surrounding the U.N. Oil-for-Food program. That noble program was established by the U.N. to ease the suffering of the Iraqi people, then languishing under Saddam Hussein’s ironfisted rule, as well as the economic sanctions imposed on Iraq by the U.N. after the first Gulf War.

While sanctions were designed to instigate the removal of Saddam from power, or at least render him impotent, the Oil-for-Food program was designed to support the Iraqi people with food and other humanitarian aid under the watchful eye of the U.N. Our Investigative Subcommittee has gathered overwhelming evidence that Saddam turned this program on its head. Rather than erode his grip on power, the program was manipulated by Saddam to line his own pockets and actually strengthen his position at the expense of the Iraqi people.

At our hearing on Nov. 15, we presented evidence that Saddam accumulated more than $21 billion through abuses of the Oil-for-Food program and U.N. sanctions. We continue to amass evidence that he used the overt support of prominent members of the U.N., such as France and Russia, along with numerous foreign officials, companies and possibly even senior U.N. officials, to exploit the program to his advantage. We have obtained evidence that indicates that Saddam doled out lucrative oil allotments to foreign officials, sympathetic journalists and even one senior U.N. official, in order to undermine international support for sanctions. In addition, we are gathering evidence that Saddam gave hundreds of thousands–maybe even millions–of Oil-for-Food dollars to terrorists and terrorist organizations. All of this occurred under the supposedly vigilant eye of the U.N.

This misses the point. Who cares what Kofi Annan does?

The UN is a corrupt, useless organization which ought to be disbanded. Calling for the resignation of Annan misses the real problem. The United States sends more than a billion dollars a year to an organization which is manifestly our enemy, in which the ambassadors from most countries do not represent the will of their people, and in which graft and corruption are business as usual. Send the whole thing to Brussels. Kofi resign? Let him stay. Eject the UN from New York and withdraw US participation. Its relevance will then be no more than the ICC, or that of France.

Update More over at the Belmont Club:

Coleman hints, but does not wholly pursue the idea that the Oil-for-Food program tacticly served the agenda of some “permanent members” of the Security Council. That in turn suggests that the Gulf War and subsequent events, far from being a purely bilateral struggle between the United States and Saddam’s regime, was really the nexus of a great power struggle involving France, Russia and the US. French policy in the Security Council prior to Operation Iraqi Freedom; their determined efforts to prevent the 4th ID from deploying through Turkey and its hostile attitude toward the Allawie government hints that the real bone of contention with Paris was not over how to topple Saddam but whether or not to keep him there.


Written by martinipundit

December 1, 2004 at 10:01 am

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