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Washington State Gubernatorial Follies

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In today’s Opinion Journal, John Fund recounts the current sorry state of the Washington governor’s race. It’s not pretty:

[T]he one out of 50 Americans who live in Washington state are living through a Florida-style nightmare, with Republican Dino Rossi clinging to a 42-vote lead over Democrat Christine Gregoire in the governor’s race after a machine recount of 2.8 million ballots. In the latest example of why this country needs to clean up and clarify its sloppy election systems, Douglas firs substitute for palm trees as the backdrop.

In Seattle’s King County alone the vote counting so far has featured such anomalies as 10,000 ballots being mysteriously discovered nearly two weeks after Election Day, election officials “enhancing” hundreds of unreadable optical-scan ballots, and a judge allowing political partisans to selectively track down voters who cast questionable provisional ballots to see if they could turn them into valid votes. Ms. Gregoire gained several hundred votes through such maneuvers, so she has now declared her intention to pay for a hand recount of some of the state’s precincts to see if she can take the lead. If a selective recount changes the overall winner, the state would pay for a laborious hand recount of all the votes The process could drag on past Christmas and might eventually have to be settled by the state Supreme Court. Gov. Gary Locke is scheduled to leave office on Jan. 12, but wags are already joking he shouldn’t pack his bags too soon.

It should be funny, but it isn’t, to look at such maneuvers and see business as usual for the Democrats. Indeed, the one trick Al Gore did manage to pull off was to offload the blame for attempting to steal the 2000 election onto Bush. For anyone actually paying attention to the last century, it should be clear by now that such shenanigans come from the donkeys. Indeed, here it is baldly stated:

Ryan Bianchi, communications assistant for Ms. Gregoire, made it clear how blatantly partisan the approach was. Democratic volunteers asked if voters had cast ballots for Ms. Gregoire. “If they say no, we just tell them to have a nice day,” he told the Seattle Times. Only if they say yes, did the Democrats ask if they want to make their ballot valid.

Some might be shocked, but as I said – business as usual for the Democratic Party.

What is perfectly clear is that the next Governor of Washington will have no real legitimacy, and that the state is doomed to repeat this sort of nonsense until they clean up their act.

Written by martinipundit

November 29, 2004 at 1:10 pm

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