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Daphne Demonstrates Her Technique

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It’s important for a kitten to remain limber – there are so many opportunities to pounce, slay, and carry off. Daphne demonstrates the latest technique for Chloe, who does seem unimpressed.

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November 19, 2004 at 2:56 pm

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On Sharing WiFi

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Living in a city with a WiFi-enabled laptop, one discovers all sorts of wireless networks, many of them open and unprotected. I’ve taken advantage of them from time to time, and was never more disappointed than when “NETGEAR” stopped broadcasting to my favorite cafe. Paul Boutin has an interesting piece in Slate with some good tips. A sample:

Every techie I know says that you shouldn’t use other people’s networks without permission. Every techie I know does it anyway. If you’re going to steal — no, let’s say borrow — your neighbor’s Wi-Fi access, you might as well do it right. Step one: Lose the guilt. The FCC told me that they don’t know of any federal or state laws that make it illegal to log on to an open network. Using someone’s connection to check your e-mail isn’t like hacking into their bank account. It’s more like you’re borrowing a cup of sugar. (Unless you hog their bandwidth by watching lots of streaming video — that’s like hijacking a sugar truck.)

This is largely my view. If a network is open, it’s there to be used. However, anyone using that network should observe three rules: no hacking, no massive downloads, no porn. Of course, I don’t practice what I preach here – my own network is locked down tighter than a drum with 128 bit encryption, password, and access only for specific MAC addresses. I do still broadcast, but that’s for my own convenience. Hypocritical? Perhaps, but I can live with it.

A glass raised to WiFi Networking News.

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November 19, 2004 at 8:14 am

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