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George Washington Never Did This

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Michael Moore once compared the insurgents in places like Fallujah to the Minute Men and the Continental Army of the American Revolution. I guarantee the British never found anything like this when they won a battle:

The body of a blonde woman with her legs and arms cut off and throat slit was found today lying on a street in Falluja, a notorious Iraqi enclave for hostage-takers, US marines said.

“It is definitely a Caucasian woman with long blonde hair,” said a military official, who cut open a cover that had been placed over the corpse.

Another unit stumbled across eight Arab men, apparently Iraqis, who had been shot in the head execution-style, and laid out in two courtyards, four in each, said an AFP reporter embedded with the marines.

The gruesome discoveries were made as marines moved through the south of Falluja, hunting out the remaining rebels after a week of fierce fighting to regain control of the city.

“It is a female … missing all four appendages, with a slashed throat and disembowelled; she has been dead for a while but only in this location for a day or two,” said Benjamin Finnell, a hospital apprentice with the Navy Corps, who had inspected the body.

An AFP photographer embedded with the marines noted that the woman was wearing a blue dress and her face was completely disfigured. Sweeps of rubble-strewn neighbourhoods in Falluja have uncovered a grisly underworld of hostage slaughterhouses, prisons and torture chambers as well as the corpses of Iraqis who had been executed, marines say.

Later in the day, a unit of marines found the eight men, all fairly burly and aged between about 20 and 45, in central Falluja, said the AFP reporter. There were no uniforms or distinguishing features to identify the bodies, but two were dressed just in their underwear, he said.

Surviving hostages have also been found, but only one was a foreigner — a Syrian driver who was abducted with two French journalists in August. Two foreign women have been abducted in Iraq and remain missing. One, Teresa Borcz, 54, a Pole, has blonde hair, the other, British aid worker Margaret Hassan, 59, has chestnut-coloured hair. Borcz, married to an Iraqi and a resident in Iraq for 30 years, was abducted late last month. She has appeared in two videos appealing to the Polish government to help her but her fate is unknown.

When dealing with savages like this, it’s best to trust in the Marines, not Michael Moore. If the dead woman is Teresa Borcz, my condolences to her family. If not, we must hope she can be identified.


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November 15, 2004 at 4:36 pm

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