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Speaking of Star Trek …

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I do seem to recall there was once a newsgroup called alt.sexybaldcaptains:

Patrick Stewart has appeared in public for the first time with girlfriend Lisa Dillon – who is 39 years his junior. The Hollywood actor, 64, and Dillon, 25, have been together for almost a year, but previously kept their relationship a secret, due to concerns over people’s attitudes to their age gap.

What’s the big deal? With all that time-travel he did, I’m sure the age thing is a little skewed anyway. Captain Picard to the bridge indeed!

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November 13, 2004 at 11:20 am

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Star Trek Looming

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In one of those ‘how cool is that’ moments, we’ve advanced a bit closer to locking phasers:

A Boeing Co.-led team has successfully fired for the first time a powerful laser meant to fly aboard a modified 747 as part of a U.S. ballistic missile defense shield, officials said Friday. The test, dubbed “First Light” by insiders, lasted only a fraction of a second but gave the project an important boost at a time it was deemed at risk of cuts or cancellation. The Pentagon’s Missile Defense Agency described the event — carried out on Wednesday in a 747 fuselage on the ground at Edwards Air Force Base in California — as a “landmark achievement” for the Airborne Laser system. “It showed they work,” Kenneth Englade, an agency spokesman, said of the laser’s six identical, pickup-truck-sized, modules linked to fire as a single unit. “The rest is fine-tuning.”

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November 13, 2004 at 11:05 am

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