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This Will Bruise But Good

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Chief Justice Rehnquist is ailing and we hope that he recovers fully. Still, he is getting on in years, and there hasn’t been a vacancy on the Supreme Court for a decade. It is thus with a sense of ironic justice that we learn the President is examining none other than Clarence Thomas for Chief Justice. Personally, I think Antonin Scalia is more worthy of the promotion, but the delicious nature of the appointment is not lost in these parts. Drudge has the report:

President Bush has launched an internal review of the pros and cons of nominating Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas as the chief justice if ailing William Rehnquist retires, the DRUDGE REPORT has learned. A top White House source familiar with Bush’s thinking explains the review of Thomas as chief justice is one of several options currently under serious consideration. But Thomas is Bush’s personal favorite to take the position, the source claims.

“It would not only be historic, to nominate a minority as chief justice, symbolizing the president’s strong belief in hope and optimism, but it would be a sound judicial move…. Justice Thomas simply has an extraordinary record.”

Well, let’s be honest – liberals would howl both in and out of Congress. Justice Thomas’ confirmation was not without controversy as all will recall. Nevertheless, Justice Thomas has proved a valuable member of the court, and I believe he will be as effective a Chief Justice as Scalia. Since our friends on the Left insist on making race an issue in these appointments, the nomination of a black man to Chief Justice must be significant. They hate this man, of course, and will want to oppose him which they may do. But how brilliant politically for the President to have the Democrats on record as opposing the first black nominee as Chief Justice.

Love it. Luuuuvvvvv it.


Written by martinipundit

November 8, 2004 at 9:54 am

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