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Election wrapup time, and for a change, we’ll start with Mark Steyn:

It would be more accurate to say that “MIDDLE AMERICA” has “F—ed” you, and it will continue to do so every two years as long as Democrats insist that anyone who disagrees with them is, ipso facto, a simpleton — or “Neanderthal,” as Teresa Heinz Kerry described those unimpressed by her husband’s foreign policy.

In my time, I’ve known dukes, marquesses, earls, viscounts and other members of Britain’s House of Lords and none of them had the contempt for the masses one routinely hears from America’s coastal elites. And, in fairness to those ermined aristocrats, they could afford Dem-style contempt: A seat in the House of Lords is for life; a Senate seat in South Dakota isn’t.

Bill Clinton has his own view, and it seems more on target than most.

Meanwhile, the self-reflection has begun, along with a serious dose of denial.

But for real denial, feisty even, one ought to turn to Michael Kinsley in the WaPo. There’s a man prepared to go down with the ship.

We’ll conclude with two advice pieces, one from George Will, not necessarily unbiased here, and one from a relative newcomer at The Backseat Philosopher. (Yes, I know he was Instalanched on his very first post, but there may be two or three of you out there who missed it. Just doing my bit.)



Written by martinipundit

November 7, 2004 at 10:34 am

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