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It’s been a rough week here at Villa MartiniPundit for between the election and the arrival of a new member of the drinking class, we haven’t been getting a lot of sleep. Chloe was perhaps the most put out, for she wanted nothing to do with the interloper. Here is Daphne, on the day of arrival:


This brave new world was strange, to be sure, and there were many things to explore after the initial shock of relocation. Still, Daphne was confident she’d be running the place inside of a week.


It was really hard on Chloe. First she was locked away in a room, and then when she was able to wander about the place was full of strange smells, and it was pretty clear that someone had been messing with her stuff. A drink with dinner was definitely required.


Hey! That’s my food! And keep away from this mouse, d’ya hear? I don’t need you stinkin’ it up with … hey! I’m talkin’ to you! Alright, just keep walkin’!


Chloe realizes that she needs to make it look like an accident. She knows that guy with the Martini can get pretty cranky when things don’t go his way, and he’d probably suspect if he found shredded Birman all over the place. Maybe one of the houseplants is poisonous …


On the other hand, she is kind of cute, and detente can be beautiful …


Daphne on top. It’s all beluga and champagne from here on out …


(For those of you interested, Daphne arrived last Saturday. She’s a three and a half month old Sealpoint Birman. She and Chloe have become thick as thieves, and when they aren’t sleeping, they’re playing chase the other kitten.)

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November 5, 2004 at 6:23 pm

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