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Behind the Scenes in Kerryland

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Fascinating piece by Tim Reid in the London Times on the behind the scenes circus in the Kerry campaign. A taste:

During the early summer, Mr Kerry implored Mr McCain, the maverick Republican who ran against Mr Bush in the 2000 Republican primaries, to become his running-mate, meeting him seven times. He even offered to expand the vice-presidency to include running the Pentagon.

“I can’t say this is an offer because I’ve got to be able to deny it,” Mr Kerry told Mr McCain. “But you’ve got to do this.”

Mr McCain told him he was out of his mind, and went on to embrace Mr Bush.

“Goddammit,” a furious Mr Kerry said to an aide. “Don’t you know what I offered him? Why the f*** didn’t he take it?” At the time, Mr Kerry also thought that John Edwards, his eventual choice, was overly ambitious. “What makes this guy think he can be president?” he asked staff in February.

It’s a must read.


Written by martinipundit

November 5, 2004 at 5:10 pm

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