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Intruder Alert

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It’s been a rough week here at Villa MartiniPundit for between the election and the arrival of a new member of the drinking class, we haven’t been getting a lot of sleep. Chloe was perhaps the most put out, for she wanted nothing to do with the interloper. Here is Daphne, on the day of arrival:


This brave new world was strange, to be sure, and there were many things to explore after the initial shock of relocation. Still, Daphne was confident she’d be running the place inside of a week.


It was really hard on Chloe. First she was locked away in a room, and then when she was able to wander about the place was full of strange smells, and it was pretty clear that someone had been messing with her stuff. A drink with dinner was definitely required.


Hey! That’s my food! And keep away from this mouse, d’ya hear? I don’t need you stinkin’ it up with … hey! I’m talkin’ to you! Alright, just keep walkin’!


Chloe realizes that she needs to make it look like an accident. She knows that guy with the Martini can get pretty cranky when things don’t go his way, and he’d probably suspect if he found shredded Birman all over the place. Maybe one of the houseplants is poisonous …


On the other hand, she is kind of cute, and detente can be beautiful …


Daphne on top. It’s all beluga and champagne from here on out …


(For those of you interested, Daphne arrived last Saturday. She’s a three and a half month old Sealpoint Birman. She and Chloe have become thick as thieves, and when they aren’t sleeping, they’re playing chase the other kitten.)

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November 5, 2004 at 6:23 pm

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Behind the Scenes in Kerryland

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Fascinating piece by Tim Reid in the London Times on the behind the scenes circus in the Kerry campaign. A taste:

During the early summer, Mr Kerry implored Mr McCain, the maverick Republican who ran against Mr Bush in the 2000 Republican primaries, to become his running-mate, meeting him seven times. He even offered to expand the vice-presidency to include running the Pentagon.

“I can’t say this is an offer because I’ve got to be able to deny it,” Mr Kerry told Mr McCain. “But you’ve got to do this.”

Mr McCain told him he was out of his mind, and went on to embrace Mr Bush.

“Goddammit,” a furious Mr Kerry said to an aide. “Don’t you know what I offered him? Why the f*** didn’t he take it?” At the time, Mr Kerry also thought that John Edwards, his eventual choice, was overly ambitious. “What makes this guy think he can be president?” he asked staff in February.

It’s a must read.

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November 5, 2004 at 5:10 pm

I’ll Drink to That

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A Chick Named Marzi has some random thoughts:

* I’ve visited (but have not posted on) several of my favorite message boards today and I have to admit that I feel bad for the Kerry supporters I know who genuinely believed in this man and wanted to see him win. I have two acquaintances who worked tirelessly for the Kerry/Edwards campaign and they’re despondant today.

I’m not offering condolences, though. No matter how tactfully I phrase myself, it will sound like I’m “rubbing it in.” Which, in their cases, I am not. * I have no real emotion whatsoever towards the rabid Anybody But Bush crowd *but* I feel nothing but self-righteous contempt for their alleged “sadness” over Kerry losing the election. To the ABB crowd, may I just say this:¬†you never believed in Kerry, you barely even *liked* the guy and you could rarely if ever articulate a single one of his economic, political or social plans for your country. You voted for Kerry for one reason and one reason only: he wasn’t George W. Bush. You’re not sad because you felt passionate about Kerry’s vision for America’s future; you’re sad today because Bush clearly won the election and you’ve been deprived of your boring little “selected, not elected” talking point.

That sums it up rather nicely I think.

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November 5, 2004 at 4:44 pm

Chirac le Bourbon

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In 1789, France had a revolution – admired by some – and overthrew the Bourbon dynasty which had ruled since 1589. After the Napoleonic Wars, they were restored in 1814, and it was said that they had learned nothing and forgotten nothing.

It appears nothing has changed in France:

GEORGE Bush yesterday offered an olive branch to hostile European leaders — but was snubbed by the French President. Referring to divisions over the Iraq war, the re-elected US leader said: “Whatever our past disagreements, we share a common enemy. I will continue to reach out to our partners in the EU.”

But French President Jacques Chirac — dubbed Le Worm — was doing his best to scupper bridge-building. He will snub a meeting with Iraqi PM Iyad Allawi in Brussels today. It is a sleight aimed at Mr Bush and Tony Blair, who back Mr Allawi. Chirac — who tried to stop the war to topple Saddam Hussein — will leave Brussels before the new Iraqi leader arrives. However Chirac DID find time to visit Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat in hospital yesterday.

Chirac – friend of dictators and terrorists.

Chirac – for whom Iraq was all about oil.

Chirac – who does not seem to have grasped that he has all but made an enemy of the President of the United States.

Chirac – who is basically no longer a factor in world events.

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November 5, 2004 at 4:15 pm

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