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For the Winners, We Have a New …

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Like the losers, there are some who won bigtime:

Tony Blair, John Howard – these guys put it on the line for Bush and his defeat would have weakened them severely. Blair goes into his own election with the gratitude of the American President – no small chit.

Iraq – the Iraqi people won huge yesterday. There’s no chance we’ll cut and run now, and they have a real shot at building a functioning democracy and a better future for themselves and their children.

The Blogosphere – blogs were a geeky hobby before 9/11, began to mature as we went to war with Iraq, and came of age in this election as they became the watchdog of the MSM. They’ve become a factor no politician will ignore in the future, and the MSM has yet to figure out what hit them.

The American People – our democracy works, 228 years and counting …

George W. Bush – beyond merely winning the Presidency, which wouldn’t count here, Dubya has won something more – undisputed legitimacy. He’s also won a much more powerful position with gains in Congress, the defeat of his senate thorn Daschle, and the likelihood of a long-term legacy on the US Supreme Court. (Oh, and if you want to terrify the ABB crowd, take their claim that Bush was not the true President first time around and remind them that if that’s true, then his first term didn’t count against the 22nd Amendment and thus he’s free to run in 2008.)

Michael Moore – what? Michael Moore? Wasn’t he on your losers list I hear you cry? He was – that was the private Michael Moore, this is the public one. The one who made millions of dollars off a propaganda film and will no doubt be able to bilk the Angry Left for years to come.

The Allies – in Britain, Australia, Japan, Italy, Poland, Bulgaria, and all the others. The American people are grateful to them and showed they disagreed with the idea that they were coerced or bribed.

Israel – will not be fobbed off as a bargaining chip to the Europeans or the Palestinians. Israel’s staunchest ally remains so.

Stephen Green – don’t think so? Have you seen how his hit counter has been spinning?


Written by martinipundit

November 3, 2004 at 5:28 pm

Posted in 2004 Election, Politics

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