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Resorting to the Courts

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Tom Daschle is resorting to the courts to hide his fraud a second time.

In a complaint filed late this afternoon, Daschle asked U.S. District Court Judge Lawrence Piersol to keep 200 Republican monitors from engaging in a list of activities at polling places across South Dakota, including writing down license plate numbers and taking notes. The Daschle-Thune election should be a fair one, the lawsuit reads. The conduct of Republican Thune supporters will make it an unfair one, unless restrained by this court. Daschle is depending on heavy turnout from Native American voters, who overwhelmingly support him over Thune, to win what is expected to be an extremely close election.

How long will it be before the Democrats eschew the electoral process altogether and leave it all in the hands of the judiciary? After all, that’s where they’ve won all their great ‘legislative’ victories of the last three decades. The foolish peasants refuse to vote properly, so they must be led by the nose to what’s good for them. Was there ever a party more inappropriately named?


Written by martinipundit

November 2, 2004 at 12:15 am

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