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I had a fascinating run-in with two Kerry supporters today. He was not, interestingly enough, their first choice, but more on that later.

As some of you may know, I live in a part of Boston that is typically overrun with tourists, and they can’t help but get in the way on a regular basis. (I take the joke “if it’s tourist season, why can’t we shoot them?” in a way that is a genuine question.) As I sat in my favorite café enjoying my second cup coffee, two tourists came in and sat at the table next to mine. I paid them very little attention as one more pair of middle-aged gawkers stumbling through the place is of no more interest than a fruit fly buzzing by. There was a moment of concern as the man nearly tripped and landed on my laptop, but it wasn’t until a brief news piece on Kerry (MSNBC is typically on) caused me and the owner to exchange some comment about his wealth that they drew attention to themselves. (The owner, as a small businessman, is naturally part of Bush’s base.) The lady, who was basically sitting next to me, muttered something about how Bush and Cheney have a lot more money than Kerry. Still not paying that much attention to her I turned and said, “Are you kidding?” in a genuine belief that she was. She said she was perfectly serious, and at that moment I noticed she was wearing a Kerry button, which I noted out loud. Correcting me, she said “Look closer.” I did, and noticed it was a Clarkies for Kerry button. I knew at that moment that my relaxing second cup of coffee was history. Acting like it was almost impossible to fathom, she asked me if I were supporting Bush. Telling her yes, I was prepared to return to my laptop, but now they had the bit in their teeth. I mean, how could someone in the solid Blue State of Massachusetts, John Kerry’s home base, be supporting Bush? (Actually, there are a lot of us, including more than a few Democrats. Kerry is very unpopular personally in these parts.)

They immediately started in on Iraq as the wrong war and a distraction. “Well,” I said, “I don’t agree, and neither did Kerry when he voted to authorize it.” She immediately responded that Kerry voted to give the President the authority as a last resort. I noted that the resolution says nothing of the sort, and asked them if they’d read it. The man replied that they had, so I said, “Then you know that it authorized the President to enforce by whatever means necessary the existing UN resolutions.” They tried to say that it referred to the resolution he didn’t seek, but I reiterated that there was no such language in the resolution, nor any qualifications of seeking one. They briefly employed France (can you imagine!) which I said, yes, the French were interested in Iraqi oil for themselves. The man agreed that was true. They then changed the subject to taxes.

Liberals cannot stand a conservative who has facts readily at hand from memory.

On taxes they said well thank you for saving us money.

“Oh?” I asked.

They said that they fell into the top group. I did not rise to that bait by asking them to define that group, assuming they meant more than $200K per year. Instead I reminded them that Kerry would not think so based on what he said in the second debate. They mumbled that wasn’t important, but it remained unclear why they thought I would find it offensive that their taxes would be cut. What was clear was that they don’t talk to a lot of conservatives. It was also clear they didn’t fall into that group at least not in income, but were trying a gambit that has obviously worked before – the politics of envy.

They next tried Halliburton. What a surprise. Surely, they asked, I would object to the no-bid contract.

“Before I answer that,” I replied, “Can you tell me how many companies in the world are qualified to take on such a task like rebuilding Iraq?” They looked at each other, and were silent for a few seconds. Obviously not – indeed, I don’t think that had ever occurred to them. So I answered my own question, ticking them off on my fingers. “There are three: Bechtel, Halliburton, and Schlumberger. As Schlumberger is French, I assume you understand why they were out. Bechtel being primarily in construction and Halliburton being more experienced in oil-field services it’s not a hard choice.” I’m not sure they actually heard a word of that, for they were obviously shocked that someone could come up with an argument in favor of Halliburton. They tried again.

“But it was a no-bid contract. Doesn’t that bother you?”

I released the depth charge. “Well, it wasn’t the first time.” Blank stares. “You do know who Al Gore and Bill Clinton chose for the no-bid contract to rebuild Kosovo, don’t you?” They stood up. This was not going like it was supposed to. “Halliburton.” I said calmly. They were now packing up, but they tried one last gambit.

“Do you know the only senior member of the Administration who isn’t a billionaire?” asked the man testily.

“No senior member of the Administration is a billionaire,” I said.

“Wrong!” He seemed a bit exultant. “They all are, except for Condi Rice. She’s the only one who isn’t!”

“No one in the Administration has a net-worth of a billion dollars. It’s a matter of public record. The only billionaire to ever run for the presidency is John Kerry.”

“Well, if you mean net-worth …” trailed the woman as they fled the café.

There you are folks: Clark voters turned Kerry voters. Maybe I was too hard on them, but then, I had facts at my disposal. It just wasn’t a fair fight.

Update I neglected to mention that they also brought up the report that the NYT made about the 380 tons of explosives but they were totally unaware that the story had been discredited by NBC yesterday. I note Kerry continues to use it on the campaign trail today, so maybe they can be forgiven. After all, if their candidate is willing to use a story which is filled with error, why should his supporters balk at it?


Written by martinipundit

October 26, 2004 at 5:01 pm

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