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The Specter of 2000

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As we approach November 2nd with an agonizing lack of alacrity, the Democrats are gearing up to replay the Election of 2000 where Al Gore nearly stole the presidency. The lawyers, the ballot shenanigans, the playbooks, the race-baiting, all of it now designed to de-legitimize a Bush win in advance. Call it the “heads we win, tails you lose” strategy. For the Democrats, holding power has become more important than democracy.

Matt May puts it well at the American Thinker:

All of this — the hatred, the suspicion, the ridiculous spectacle of convincing a good part of the nation, and who knows how many abroad, that an American election is illegitimate and in need of observation by the United Nations — all of it is attributable to the massive ego and maniacal ambition of Albert Arnold Gore, Jr. Say this for Gore, though — he made Nixon look like a statesman. In 1960, when Nixon truly had an election stolen from him by John F. Kennedy and Mayor Daley of Chicago, the sitting Vice President was man enough and loved his country enough to turn his back on the temptation of forcing a recount. The work of the nation, Nixon insisted, had to go on, and the world needed to see the eloquently peaceful transfer of power between partisans that was uniquely American.

That spirit was destroyed by Gore. Kerry — the bizzaro JFK — is not skilled enough to pull off electoral grand larceny, so he will mimic Gore rather than his idol. In this uncertain time, perhaps only one thing other than whining Democrats is certain. Until the Gore/Clinton/McAuliffe power structure within the Democratic Party has been eliminated — hopefully in 2008 when Hillary is defeated in the presidential primaries or the general election itself — Democrats will continue to insist they are for the average American, but refuse to trust his vote. That is the legacy Al Gore has left behind.


Written by martinipundit

October 22, 2004 at 9:19 am

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