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Osama Dead?

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A lot of smart people think Osama is already compost under Tora Bora, and they may be right. For myself, I’ve always held off opining on this one way or the other, but the Astute Blogger has noticed something I hadn’t thought of in connection with Zarqawi’s pledge of alliegiance to al Qaeda:

The annoucement comes from Zarqawi. NOT UBL. Why wouldn’t UBL – by voice or video – announce he had “signed” the terrorist who is doing the most terror in the world, right now? I guess because UBL is dead, and that Zarqawi made the announcement because he trying to motivate his minions – who are currently getting their asses whupped in Fallujah.

It has been a long time since Osama made a movie. Maybe he should get in touch with Michael Moore. Unless, that is, he really is dead. Quite an astute observation.


Written by martinipundit

October 18, 2004 at 3:04 pm

Posted in GWOT

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