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The Wrong Message Is Already Sent

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Among the things John Kerry has based his latest strategy on is that he voted to “threaten” the use of force, not actually use except as a last resort. (Said last resort would have come after endless rounds of diplomacy, the satisfaction of Hans Blix, and the permission of Jacques Chirac – in other words – never.)

But the real problem is aptly summed up by Thomas Lifson:

[H]e is on the record that he voted to authorize the use of force, but didn’t intend for force to actually be used. Now that he has exposed his own belief that empty threats are an appropriate tactic, will any future foe of a United States under President Kerry regard his threats as anything other than empty?

This would be a fatal weakness in a president – no enemy will take him seriously until it’s too late. Kerry has left himself only one arrow in the quiver: he must acquiesce or invade. Bush, by contrast, has regained the credibility squandered by both his father (in failing to follow up in Baghdad) and Clinton (pretty much everywhere except Bosnia).

Which brings us to Kerry’s promise to kill the current American program to develop super bunker-busters, mini-nuclear weapons designed to explode underground and release little or no radiation to the atmospheric environment – precisely the counter-weapon needed to surgically remove the looming nuclear bomb production capacity in rogue states like North Korea and Iran. When he said that he would kill this critical weapons program once he was inaugurated, an audible groan escaped my lips, waking up my slumbering 16 year-old political junky son, for whom the excitement had long since passed.

Kerry had announced that our biggest external threat was nukes in the hands of Little Kim and the mad mullahs, and now he was telling us he wouldn’t allow development of the weapons to neutralize that threat. That is a position which will not sell, I am pretty sure. It rests on the simplest of the simple-minded slogans of the left wingers over the past several decades: American nukes are bad, bad, bad. New nukes in American hands are worse than new nukes in the hands of Kim Jong-il and the Ayatollahs. The American public will just not buy it. This belief that America is not to be trusted with the power to defend itself is popular among the pseudo-sophisticates on the academic left, but it is fatally detached from reality in both the moral and practical sense.

It’s pretty amazing that Kerry said this. I doubt most voters get the difference between the weapons systems, but here is Kerry once again rejecting a weapon system (which one does he like, apart from the M-16 which saved his life in Vietnam?) proving once again that whatever he did in Vietnam he is an unregenerate dove, not to be trusted with the defense of the nation.

Liberals like to deride the ‘chickenhawks,’ but they’ll defend us at least. Kerry is on record telling the tinpot thugs and mullahs that they can call his bluff, and he’ll even oblige them by relieving their anxiety over the bunker-busters. At the same time, he’s saying that we cannot be trusted with nukes any more than North Korea.

Well, I’m sure it went over better in Cambridge.


Written by martinipundit

October 1, 2004 at 9:08 am

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