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Will Bill Murray Play Him in the Movie?

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There’s no killing some people.

Lightning has struck twice for Vann Gibson. He woke up overnight to find his bed on fire, with him in it, “The edge of my mattress was burning. I jumped up immediately, ran into the kitchen to try to put it out and it didn’t go out.”

The fire destroyed his home …

Vann Gibson is no stranger to escaping serious injury. He was the driver whose truck plummeted over the I-126 bridge last month. Gibson said the truck went out of control, sending him over the edge, “Just don’t let me die. It’s all I knew. I didn’t want to die.”

He slammed into the rocky bottom of the Broad River, “I can’t even explain. It was so terrible. I can’t even explain.” Rescuers pulled him up with rope, “Please don’t let anything pop while I’m on my way up. That’s exactly what I was thinking about. Just being elevated like that. Even though I was in good hands, just the thought of anything can happen.”



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September 30, 2004 at 11:09 am

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