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Calling an Axe Nothing

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Many of the news ‘services’ have difficulty bringing themselves to call a spade a spade. Terrorists are not ‘insurgents,’ ‘militants,’ or even ‘freedom fighters’ as Michael Moore has called them.

The BBC ‘reports’ an incident on a short, Norwegian regional flight:

A man has been arrested after attacking two pilots and a passenger with an axe on an internal flight in Norway.

The pilots managed to bring the plane in to land safely, and were then taken to hospital with the injured passenger.

A police prosecutor said the attacker may have boarded with the axe. Earlier it was thought he may have taken it from the plane’s emergency equipment.

The plane was on a 20-minute flight between the northern towns of Narvik and Bodoe when the attack took place.

“There were no security controls at Narvik airport today” where the plane took off, Bodoe prosecutor Bjarte Walla told BBC News Online.

The headline called the attacker a “passenger.” Only towards the end of the article do we learn something about the attacker:

The man was described as an Algerian in his 30s.

He’s not Norwegian. He’s not even a European. He’s Algerian. Gee, do you think this might have been a terrorist attack? A small one to be sure, but the BBC can’t even bring itself to use weasel words in this case. An Algerian brings an axe aboard a flight, attacks a passenger and presumably attempts to kill the pilots during landing. No doubt there are a lot of flights in Europe which are as vulnerable as the Bodoe shuttle. But the BBC would rather we think of this as an aberration, not a skirmish in the War on Terror.

Update The Norwegians say the axe was aboard and they don’t think it was terrorism related:

Police operation leader Arve Westgaard said that the axe used was taken from an overhead rack, and is carried on board to smash windows in an emergency situation.

“The man has been living in recent weeks at an asylum center in northern Norway,” Westgaard said, and added that terrorism was not an aspect of the attack. The man’s application for asylum had been rejected.

I see. His application is rejected so he takes an axe to three people on an airplane. His agenda may have been his own, but his methods are the same – I call it terrorism. The rot goes deep.

Meanwhile, it seems that none of the three victims sustained life-threatening injuries for which we’re grateful.

Update II Now the Norwegians are saying that the axe used was indeed brought on board by the terrorist passenger. Meanwhile, still no explanation why the plane has an axe on board for emergencies. Maybe so the pilots can fight back?


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September 29, 2004 at 9:52 am

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