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The Two Simonas Are Free!

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Italian aid workers Simona Pari and Simona Torretti have been released and turned over to the Red Cross. Also released were two Iraqis and reportedly four Egyptians.

This is very good news, but does beg the question of why?The Iraqis and Egyptians make some sense as fellow Muslims, but the mercy shown to the Italians is a new wrinkle. Previously, the only person spared was the Philippino worker after the Philippines caved to the terrorist demands. In this case, Italy stood firm.

Could it be that the Islamofascists are reaping diminishing returns on the beheading strategy? After all, the US has been pounding them pretty hard the last couple of days, and one wonders if they aren’t considering Fallujah or Najaf-style negotiations to buy some time. It may be getting a touch warm in Zarqawi’s kitchen.

Update Mypetjawa has more, reporting on the possibility that the two Simonas were ransomed for $1 million each. I am delighted that they have been released alive, but if this is true it is very unfortunate. That suggests the others as well as the two French journalists (whose release is rumored to be imminent) paid off the savages. How much trouble will they be able to cause for $10 million? When will people learn that one does not negotiate with savages? When will they learn that one kills savages?

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September 28, 2004 at 1:14 pm

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