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Forgotten War Indeed

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John Fund, in today’s Political Diary:

Peter Hoekstra, a six-term Republican from Michigan who emigrated from the Netherlands as a child, is the new chairman of the House Intelligence Committee. The previous chairman, Porter Goss, has been made CIA Director.

Mr. Hoekstra, who has been immersed in secret briefings on the war on terror, says the most disconcerting thing he has learned is how few people think the country is really at war. He just had a meeting with 45 stockbrokers from his western Michigan district. They spent over an hour with him discussing their concerns about pending Securities and Exchange Commission regulation. Finally, Mr. Hoekstra stopped and asked: “Why no questions about terrorism? Isn’t anyone here communicating with their clients on the risks of an economic dislocation due to terror?” The stockbrokers looked stunned. Clearly, none had talked with their clients. One finally said, “Er, well, we are diversified.”

Mr. Hoekstra was astonished that with oil at $50 a barrel and the nation facing heightened terrorist threats in the runup to the November 2 election, so many people aren’t thinking about what might happen. “Average people are one thing, but many people in professional capacities don’t seem to realize there is a war going on,” he told me. Let’s hope they don’t have to, but for at least the next few weeks a healthy concern about possible moves by the terrorists is in order.

There are a lot of people who don’t think we’re at war. Let’s hope they wake up before another terrorist strike.


Written by martinipundit

September 28, 2004 at 1:50 pm

Posted in 2004 Election, GWOT

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