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Black Helicopters over Boston

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I took a walk around Boston yesterday to see how my city was being trampled by the liberal invaders.  They were out in force, I must say, and the Duck Boats were doing a land office business.

There were the expected moonbat sitings, a car that looked straight out of Woodstock, a lady delegate completely covered in various pro-Kerry and anti-Bush buttons.  I saw a couple of anti-war protesters walking up my street. There were events, and wandering people with differently colored credentials hanging around their necks.  Many delegates wore specially embroidered polo shirts.  Boston had prepared too: I saw crosswalks being repainted, all the signs for the MBTA had been duplicated in larger, crayonish print so as to be more easily understood by the bewildered. Volunteers were there with “ask me” signs on their booths.

And there was security.  The roads near the Fleet Center had been closed since Friday evening and there were police everywhere.  They man the barricades, they patrol in cars and on foot.  There are police guarding everything, and all kinds too: State, Boston, Park, Transit, and Military.  It’s the last that makes one pause.

There are Military Police patrolling the streets of Boston.  There are sharpshooters around the Fleet Center, visible from the street. As I boarded the T this morning, armed MPs were patrolling the station, and they looked into the train, though they did not board.

And there are helicopters.  Some news, some police, and some military.  Five Hueys were circling the Fleet Center all day.  This is one of them:

I have not seen armed military personnel prepared to do battle with our nation’s enemies on the streets of this city since 9/11. It’s a chilling reminder that this is a nation at war, and that there are real and prudent reasons for this level of security.  The fellow with the sign that read “I love my country but hate its wars” that walked up my street does not get it.  He does not understand that electing John Kerry President will not magically transform the nation back to the sleepy 90s.  The Democratic Party does not understand that we are at war – John Kerry believes this to be a law enforcement issue, exactly the fuzzy thinking that brought on 9/11 in the first place. As the Democrats prepare to nominate their candidate rejecting the notion of a global war on terror, one wonders if they will notice the black helicopters circling above their heads, protecting them from the enemy.

(Apologies for the fuzziness of the image – those things are fast!)


The Fourth Rail offers some analysis of the Democrats’ myopia.

A glass raised to Election Projection for bringing TFR to my attention.


Written by martinipundit

July 26, 2004 at 9:16 am

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