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The Gospel of Judas of All Things

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PaleoJudaica hints at a new apocryphal gospel which has recently come to light:

The codex contains three “treatises”: (1) the Epistle of Peter to Philip, (2) the First Apocalypse of James (both of them are also present among the NHC [Nag Hammadi codices] but, according to Kasser, in a “different version”), and (3) ca. 31 pages of the previously unknown Gospel of Judas!

For Kasser there are no doubts that we have here the text of the “blasphemous” work bearing the same title that Irenaeus criticized in his Refutation of All the Heresies. [emphasis mine]

Very cool.  I’d be interested in the theories as to who might really have written it and for what purpose.

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July 9, 2004 at 9:51 am

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