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Keep them Sealed

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Drudge is reporting that some are contemplating seeking to unseal John Kerry’s sealed divorce records.

My view here is simple: don’t.

I didn’t think Jack Ryan’s records should be unsealed, but once they were, I couldn’t find anything in them to cause him to drop out of the race.  But he did, and that’s history. There is relevance to Kerry’s public record: his service in Vietnam, his anti-war activities, his activities in elective office.  Those things are fair game (whether he thinks so or not), but a divorce that took place more than a decade ago is just not relevant to a presidential campaign.

The media should stop trying to dig up dirt for the sake a headline.  It’s not like it will suddenly make them relevant again.


Instapundit concurs.


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June 28, 2004 at 5:57 pm

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