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It could be me.  It could be the BBC. (No points for guessing right on this one.)

OK.  Somebody snapped a pic of GWB wearing a ‘wifebeater,’ or a ‘guinea t-shirt.’ (At least I think so.  What’s a “vest” in Irish?) So what?  Is that all they have to do over there?  I watched the press conference on Fox this afternoon and some loser reporter who had the opportunity to ask the most powerful man in the world a question, asked President Bush if he was worried that Europeans don’t like him.

Criminy – has it come to this?  I mean, there’s a WAR on.  People are DYING.  This is SERIOUS. And the press is snickering about underwear and worrying about the popular clique.  It’s like they never got out of high school.

Written by martinipundit

June 26, 2004 at 10:31 pm

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