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Bush Is Losing the War

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The big one.  No, the BIG one.

Not the ground war, not the conflicts in Iraq or Afghanistan, although both of them could be improved in various ways.  No, Bush is losing the media war, and that will lead to losing the real war – the one that counts.

I’m no fan of the media.  I think they tilt viciously left, are hypocritical, self-righteous do-nothings with a hugely inflated view of their importance in the grand scheme of things.  After all, are they not self-dubbed “the Fourth Estate?” In my estimation, politicians, ambulance chasers, journalists, used car salesmen – no difference worth mentioning.  And yet, they do have influence.  And they cannot be ignored.

By and large, the media are not fans of George W. Bush.  Start with the fact that if the surveys are correct, some 90% of them voted for Gore.  Then there is the fact that Bush is not very forthcoming with them.  While some call this secrecy, others have said that Bush has calculated that he doesn’t need the media.  I think both premises are mistaken.  The media will never roll over for Bush, but they must be taken into account.

The mainstream media – ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, and MSNBC in the States; the BBC and Reuters primarily abroad – are all but campaigning for Kerry.  I have many liberal friends who insist to me that the media is conservative, and I can only conclude that they are far more leftist than I realize or they don’t actually pay attention to the news.  If the real story of Iraq, the economy on a rebound, and Abu Ghraib cannot be properly reported, how much less the heinous partisanship of a Democratic party that would rather see the defeat of Bush than the defeat of bin Laden.  We do get endless stories about American abuse of detainees, torture innuendo, the Patriot Act, and anything anti-Bush that can be found.  Yet the media maintains a stoic silence on issues such as obstruction of judicial nominees, minority sandbagging of Congressional committees, and false, preemptive accusations on the part of Kerry and other Democrats.  Let’s be clear: no Republican has ever questioned the man’s patriotism, but he uses that false charge to inoculate himself against legitimate criticism of his record.  And the media lets him get away with it every time.

And so does Bush.  Maybe the vaunted Rove machine that the Democrats are always touting is just keeping its powder dry, but I’m beginning to have doubts.  Do they realize how much the Democrats hate George Bush?  Do they realize that the most important thing to them is his defeat?  Nothing – nothing – else matters to them.  And the media are their faithful lapdogs in this fight.

It is probable that Bush cannot do much to sway the media, but he can use the bully pulpit.  He can ignore the carpers on the one side who always want to talk a Fallujah away when guns are the answer, and then he can defend that action in public.  Trust in the common sense of the American people – a sense rarely seen in the media.  For that is the problem.  The President should not make his case to the media but to the people.  Trust them and let them judge.  I believe Americans are fair and open-minded and that Bush possesses a trump card the media does not – trust.  But that trust is being eroded by the media in daily, haranguing, vicious, partisan sniping.  And it seems to be having an effect.  The Administration speaks not, but Bush cannot afford to have these charges go unanswered.  In the vacuum of silence, the carping media sets the agenda and shapes the perceptions. Yet it almost seems that the Administration is unwilling to bet the pot on the American people.  That’s wrong and too cautious by half.

A lot is at stake.  This much everyone agrees on.  But I believe that John Kerry is unfit for the office of the presidency.  I’ve been watching him for years.  He is a vacillating, opportunistic, empty suit.  He has married for money twice, has spent his life pretending he is better than his fellow man.  His record in the Senate is distinguished only by his lack of accomplishment and his pattern of voting against the interests of his country especially on defense matters.  He’s defended by liberals only because they’re stuck with him – not one of them marked him as their first choice.  He is a droning, pedantic, bore who makes Gore look interesting.  And if it were 1996, none of that would matter. 

But it’s 2004.  The stakes are high.  Terrorists still target the US, and they want the big strike.  Nothing less than exceeding 9/11 will do.  Kerry, who will seek the approval of our ‘allies” – France and Germany – before he’s willing to defend his own country, will talk his way into doing precisely nothing.  And a dirty nuclear bomb will go off in a major American city.  Perhaps Boston, which is my home as it is his.  I’m not afraid for myself – but I will be damned before I sacrifice my son on the altar of John Kerry’s presidential ambitions.


Written by martinipundit

June 22, 2004 at 11:20 pm

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