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It beggars belief.  But, at the same time, it seems to be the timbre of our times.  The Red Cross insists that Saddam Hussein must be charged or released.

OK, everyone is entitled to due process.  But what is it with these organizations – the Red Cross, the ACLU, etc. – that compel them to defend the sickest, sleaziest, most despicable parasites on the planet?  I mean, it was one thing for John Adams to defend Captain Preston – but this is another.  If I were the paranoid type – don’t say it – I might think that the RC was suggesting that it was the United States in the wrong.  The RC makes the point that no one should be kept in legal limbo:

“There are all these people kept in a legal vacuum. No one should be left not knowing their legal status. Their judicial rights must be assured,” Ms Doumani said.

I suppose this is correct.  By all means, let’s charge Saddam.  But I might be tempted to take the RC a touch more seriously if they had uttered the slightest peep of concern about the atrocities committed by the Hussein regime.  Of course, these days, the left will apologize for any dictator’s excess, just so long as they are perceived as the enemy of the most hated fiend of all: George W. Bush.


Written by martinipundit

June 13, 2004 at 11:36 pm

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