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The BBC is at it again. In reporting the tragic but alas not surprising assassination of the Iraqi Deputy Foreign Minister Bassam Qubba, they drop the following:

BBC regional analyst Attila Kulcsar says the killing underlines the challenge facing Iraq’s new government, which has been given legitimacy by the United Nations but now faces the test of whether it can do anything to curb the violence. (emphasis mine)

Given?  There’s a hoot.  The UN – which is stonewalling the investigation into the Oil for Food Scandal – has given legitimacy to the Iraqi interim government.  The same folks who have been skimming a big chunk of cash off the top, winking while Saddam diverted the money to palaces and weapons, the same folks who opposed the war so they could keep the oil money flowing into their own pockets have now graciously deigned to give a nod to the interim government.

Hogwash.  The UN has RECOGNIZED the government in Iraq.  That’s the proper diplomatic term.  To do more is to elevate the UN to some sort of supra-national governing authority.  But that’s what the Beeb wants, isn’t it?


Written by martinipundit

June 12, 2004 at 11:54 am

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