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Where’s Kerry?

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John Kerry missed the vote honoring President Reagan today, but that’s nothing unusual.  Kerry has achieved a most unenviable attendance record, missing 88% of all Senate Roll Calls this year.  If that sounds bad, the 13 votes he did cast out of the 111 Roll Calls, were all on three days: March 2nd, March 10th, and March 25th.  (There were 14 votes total over those three days – he managed to miss one of them.) That basically means John Kerry has shown up to work only three days over the last six months.  If any one of us had done that, we’d be collecting unemployment.  By contrast, Senator Kennedy has only missed 3 votes out of 111 in the same time period, also all in March – probably when he was out campaigning for Kerry, so those missing votes are basically Kerry’s too.

I’m no fan of our bloviating senior senator, but at least he’s there.  Kerry is running for president – I get that.  We have a Republican governor who will no doubt appoint a Republican if he gets the chance – I get that too.  But Massachusetts deserves two senators – just like every other state. 

Bob Dole resigned in 1996.  It’s time for John Kerry to resign from the United States Senate.

Written by martinipundit

June 9, 2004 at 5:34 pm

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