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We Do Have a Choice in November

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A friend of mine forwarded this picture and story.  Captain Dodge’s own words say it all:

Attached is a picture of one of my best friends in the Army, Mike 
McNaughton.  We were privates together in 1990-1994.  He stepped on a 
landmine in Afghanistan, Christmas 2002.

President Bush came to visit the wounded in the hospital.  He told Mike 
that when he could run a mile, that they would go on a run together.

True to his word, he called Mike every month or so to see how he was 
doing.  Well, last week they went on the run, 1 mile with the president. 
Not something you’ll see in the news, but seeing the president taking the 
time to say thank you to the wounded and to give hope to one of my best 
friends was one of the greatest/best things I have seen in my life.

It almost sounds like a corny email chain letter, but God bless him. 
CPT Justin P. Dodge, MD 
Flight Surgeon, 1-2 AVN RGT 
Medical Corps, U.S. Army


Written by martinipundit

June 2, 2004 at 10:31 am

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