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Something Liberal this Way Comes

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The Democrats are coming to town. Of course, in Massachusetts, the Democrats are pretty much always in town since the Commonwealth is two thirds ‘D’ on a bad day. True, we’ve had Republican governors for some time now, but they haven’t been the sort of Republicans who would pass muster in oh, say, Texas. No, they tend to be moderates, if there is such a thing these days. But the State House and most of the important levers of government remain firmly in the hands of the Democratic Party. It’s almost as if the Commonwealth has decided that it’s okay to put the governor’s office in the hands of those boring Repugs just in case we need a check on the legislature – we probably won’t – but one never knows.

Meanwhile, for some months now, we’ve been told of the economic benefits the Democratic National Convention will bring (the original boon was in the neighborhood of $18 million, which doesn’t seem like that much to me). Naturally, when Mayor Menino and his cronies touted this plan, it was not certain that the nominee would be native son John Kerry, nor did inconvenient things like the productivity of Boston businesses come to be considered. Instead, we were told how much coin of the realm the delegates, journalists, and assorted hangers-on would shower on the city. Uh huh. None of the small businesses I know (Cafes, restaurants, and what) expect much in that vein. They’re far more concerned with their regular customers being able to get in and out of the city while the blessed event transpires. I personally plan to be away that week on business, and I know a lot of people getting outta Dodge for the duration – most of them Democrats in good standing. There is an economic bonanza to be had, but instead of Boston it’ll be reaped in the Bed & Breakfasts of Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Cape Cod, and the islands.

Yesterday, a bomb threat diverted an American Airlines flight from Dallas to Boston, forcing it to land in Tennessee. Since Air Force One was nearby, the flight may have been further delayed even though a subsequent check revealed the threat to be a hoax. Someone’s puerile joke delayed a flight for approximately twelve hours at an unknown cost to the airline and the passengers, and demonstrating a total inability to grasp the challenge our nation faces. Or so we hope, for while the bomb was imaginary, the threat may not have been. This in the face of the real news this week of the elevated terror alert. These seem to come annually with summer traffic and high gasoline prices. Yet, considering 3/11 and its effect on the Spanish elections, one cannot rule out the strong possibility of an attack on US soil sometime before the election. Indeed, I feel certain an attempt will be made, although I remain confident that it will not succeed. That the results of 3/11 have emboldened the terrorists seems clear.

But America is not Spain. It has been three centuries since Spain has been a great power, and even then they had been declining for a century. No, it would take more than a bombing to influence the outcome of an election in the United States. And if so, such a bombing would need to be calculated to embarrass President Bush, and most certainly not Senator Kerry. It is true, that past Al-Qaeda performance has sometimes been sloppy, but I am not convinced that the terrorists are so boneheaded as to attempt an attack on the DNC while in Boston. Imagine, for a moment – and many have noted this – that Osama bin Laden was eligible to vote in November. Can anyone honestly see him pulling the lever for George W. Bush? And if that’s the case, why on earth risk injuring the one man who can possibly give you what you want? On 3/11 did Al-Qaeda wish to harm Zapatero? I think not. Now, it is true that John Kerry has not taken a position one way or another on what he will do in Iraq. Apart from bring in our allies – read the French – and the UN – the same folks who’ve winked at genocide and pocketed millions in oil-for-food money – it’s by no means clear what a President Kerry will do (Senator Kerry suffers from this malady as well). Bush pulled a fast one on Al-Qaeda and did not perform according to the script. We were supposed to cut and run from Saudi Arabia, the Middle East, and stop supporting Israel after 9/11, not invade and secure Afghanistan and Iraq. No doubt Al-Qaeda thinks a President Kerry will act just like Prime Minister Zapatero and withdraw the moment he’s sworn in. Though I’m no Kerry supporter, I actually don’t think he would do that. That’s for another post, but the long and short of it is that when the liberals come to town, the city will be totally disrupted by the Democratic Party, not Al-Qaeda.

Written by martinipundit

May 28, 2004 at 5:28 pm

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