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What Is it about Europeans?

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I came across a reference on the Wall Street Journal ($) editorial page today quoting Hans Blix, the erstwhile arms inspector from Sweden:

“Then yesterday a friend sent us the following excerpt from an interview published Monday in the Italian newspaper La Stampa:

Q: “Are you tracking the U.S. Presidential campaign?”

Mr. Blix: “I place my trust in the multilateralism of Democratic candidate John Kerry. And in any event, I think that the whole world should vote on 2 November because so much depends on the outcome of that vote.”  Link

I can recall having run across similar sentiments in the recent past, although not much further back. (It’s certainly possible that I’m just being a victim of short-term memory.) The Constitution of the United States seems fairly clear on the subject that voters in Federal elections must be citizens of the U.S. I can certainly understand the desire of the Hans Blixes of the world to have a say in the election of the most powerful person on the planet, and neither am I concerned that this might suddenly happen in contravention of the Constitution. Rather, what concerns me is the arrogance of the Europeans suggesting that we clumsy colonials can’t be trusted to elect the right person to the Presidency. Indeed, with the not so disguised opinion that we got it very wrong in 2000.

Consider if GWB wins in 2004. Hans Blix is implying that he will not consider Bush a legitimate leader since the Europeans had no say in electing him. This would be a significant foreign policy issue were this viewpoint to take hold amongst a large percentage of the world’s population. As an American, I find the idea offensive, but taking a step back, I think it is an insight into the impotence that many Europeans appear to feel. It is not much a step at that point for them to make common cause with our enemies.


Written by martinipundit

May 26, 2004 at 6:35 pm

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